When You Need A Storage Unit Cleanout

Self-storage units have become notorious for being abandoned while still full. Though some may see possible treasures, self-storage managers just see junk.

And there lies the problem: what to do with all the “junk” that didn’t turn out to be valuable? That’s when you need a good storage unit cleanout.

For most people in the U.S. having too much stuff is a problem. In fact, most of us are inundated with excess personal belongings, so we’ve turned storage unit rentals into an almost 40 million dollar industry.

The Rise of Self-Storage in the U.S.

The self-storage industry has exploded over the past few years, with close to 60,000 facilities in America and 1.7 billion square feet of space available for rentable storage units all across the nation. That’s about 5.4 square feet per person!

When the Tenant’s Gone But Their Stuff Isn’t

Storage facility managers are often left with the responsibility of cleaning up after tenants who did not clean out their units before they moved. This is a real problem for self storage owners, as the work usually falls on them to get all that junk cleaned and hauled away in order to be disposed of properly.

Sometimes auctions are held to sell some of it off- but not everything will get sold at an auction so even if there’s an action going on, someone still has to take care of discarded possessions and anything else unsold during the sale.

In most cases, abandoned storage units are to be considered a lost cause. The task of clearing them out falls on the facility manager who is left with an impossible job: renting these units again and making sure that they’re clear enough for potential renters’ needs. And sometimes, just getting all this junk out can become complicated as well!

The average self-storage unit is anything but spacious. If the building isn’t built for large storage spaces, then you’re going to have trouble even fitting in furniture that’s already moved over from your home. Luckily Junk Removal Chicago can help with this problem! We make it easy to get rid of a variety of junk by scheduling an appointment and bringing our own truck so we don’t take up space on your property or hallway entranceways while loading items onto our vehicle.

One option for property managers who have to remove junk from abandoned units is to rent of our MINI Dumpsters. By having access to a small dumpster, the job can go faster and be far more efficient. A MINI Dumpster from Junk Removal Chicago can make your storage unit cleanout easy and stress-free by making it fast too! Best of all, we haul away everything you need us too at one simple price so that nothing will hold you back in getting this project done – call today!

Junk Removal Chicago provides an efficient, safe and eco-friendly junk removal service so you don’t need to worry about the pick up or disposal of your self-storage unit.

After a major cleanout in your storage facility, our team will ensure that any furniture and other items are quickly out of the units for reuse by others!

One of the best things about hiring Junk Removal Chicago is that we recycle as many materials from our pick-ups as possible. This commitment to being eco-friendly puts us miles ahead of so many other companies out there! If you have any questions, give us a call.

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